about us

Igniting Ireland was first envisioned in 2018 while James and Faith were living in Redding, California where James attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. James says:

“while praying one morning on the rear porch God led me to Luke 12:49 ‘I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!’   I then saw a picture in my spirit of fire falling on a building in Belfast. Within a week I had received two prophetic words confirming what God wanted to do on this Island. It was clear that a ministry to IGNITE His people was to be born.”

Graduating BSSM in May 2020, James began to talk with Elaine and others that were also sensing this fire to fall on the island. After nights of worship and Sunday morning church services in our homes, street ministry and healing services James felt strongly in February 2021 to formally start the ministry of Igniting Ireland and band these fiery ones together.   

We are a diverse team from different denominations and backgrounds but are passionate to see unity in the body of Christ. 

We truly believe we are entering a season of seeing His Glory and Power pour out on the earth like never before. We need those revivals of the past to be ignited once more. Stories of whole towns being convicted by Holy Spirit to repentance, where people travelled for miles to attend the meetings and essentially gave up every idol, even the godly looking ones, to fully surrender their life into the hands of the good good Father. 

We need a mighty move of God once more to save the nations, deliver those in bondage and awaken us to all that can be, to all that He desires. Jesus is the Lamb of God. But He is also the Lion, we need the Lion to roar loudly in this season. 

Our vision

Our vision is to see the people of Ireland both North and South won over for Jesus. That lives, families and communities will be radically changed forever. Experiencing joy and freedom everyday of their life. 

Our mission

We want to demonstrate the love and power of the Gospel to all we meet. We will worship, teach, preach, disciple, serve and love those around us. 

The vision is where we are going….the mission is how we will get there!

God the Father

God is a good Father who will always be committed to loving us.

The Cross

Jesus died on a cross so that we may have a relationship with the Father. Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

The Freedom

Through the power of the cross Jesus not only paid for our sins but our sickness also. God desires us to walk in complete health – emotionally, spiritually and physically. We can walk out our freedom now, here on earth. 

The Unity

We are called by God to live in unity. One body. One family. Serving one God.

The Bible

The Bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative Word of God.